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Why not join CHR.

If you are interested in joining our team but are unsure please read the following short paragraphs, for what may be the beginning of an interesting new past time. If you do decide you want to join us until we have the form up and running please click on the contact link and get in touch.
We look forward to hearing from you.


Chorley Hospital Radio aims to enhance the stay of patients by providing a friend at your bedside, through personal communication.

Ward Visiting

Some patients may not have seen friends or family for days. The job of Hospital Radio members is to talk to patients with the aim of brightening up their day. Ward visiting is very important as it helps us to understand what the patients like and need and of course what music or shows they like.


Training is important for the quality of broadcasting, and we aim to maintain this. Our training schedule time varies with each trainee depending on their skills in the chosen field they wish to pursue. All trainees will experience at least 3 months training in the studio and around the wards.


Our programming is diverse and varied offering popular music, speech and information. Patient's interaction is the most important aspect of our programmes, airing requests, dedications and hearing their views on special news, events and sport.

Outside Broadcasting

Getting out and about in the community is always fun, as we bring local events to the patients bedside, such as the Christmas lights switch on, live sports coverage and lots more.


Chorley Hospital Radio is responsible for its own fundraising. You will be asked to help with events to raise funds, which are much needed for the equipment and running of the studio.

General Meeting

To allow communication and feedback of progress between members, at least four regular meetings are held each year. You will also be asked to attend to join the A.G.M each November.


Before you become a member of Chorley Hospital Radio, you should consider if you have enough time and enthusiasm to offer a strong commitment. Members typically spend around 3hr per week offering their services. CHR will expect at least one year of membership once training has been completed.

Application If after reading this page you are able to commit yourself please do contact us.

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