Chorley studio tour

Below are pictures of the Chorley Studio,


Studio 1
•Soundcraft Series 10 Mixing Desk •Tascam MD-301 MK ll Mini Disc Player  •Denon DN-D4000 Twin
CD/Mp3 Player •2 Numark TTX Turn Tables •Sony Mini Disc Player. •Taskam CD-301 MK ll CD
Player •Computer running Quicpix playout system. •Computer running DRS2006 24 Hour
automation. •Computer running Catraxx Artist/Track database. •Denon DRS-610 Tape Machine
•3 Mikes


Studio 2
•Behringer MX 1602 Mixing Desk •Denon DMD-1000 Mini Disc Player •Denon DCD-615 CD Player
•Denon DRM-540 Tape Player •2 Record Decks •2 Mikes

•The Library consists of CD's in studio 1, and next door in the Library are all the LP's and 45" vinyl.
•Size: 45,387,776 bytes (43.29 MB)
•Albums: 5,114 +
•Tracks: 44,661 +
•Artists: 5,913 +