Welcome to the Hospital Radio Volunteers page.

Here are our volunteers.


 Kathy Townsley, President.

Kathy Townsley has always been interested in music and dancing, from a young age. When she first left school, she went straight into working in record shops in both Chorley and Preston. After living in the USA for 16 years she returned back to the UK. Kathy then returned to Hospital Radio and presented a radio show, with her sister from Radio Lancashire, which she found to be such a lot of fun. Kathy has been fortunate enough to meet, and interview, many recording Stars, such as The Beatles, Diana Ross, Shirley Bassey and artists like Liberty X and many more. Kathy loves meeting and interviewing people for her radio show.

Kathy's first love in music is Soul music and Lady singers. She has well over 1000 Songs in her library collection which comes in very useful when she presents her own 'Divas Of The Last Century' radio show. Although Kathy has been involved in various radio stations her greatest commitment is to Hospital Radio

Kathy has been a volunteer at Chorley Hospital Radio for over 30 years. She gets great satisfaction visiting patients on the wards and playing tracks that are their 'special favourites',  and loves it when she can present a show of music that brings back those special memories.



your local hospital radio really needs you!

Do you have some spare time on your hands, there's plenty of opportunities to help out even if it's just for a few hours a week, Hospital Radio is always on the lookout for volunteers to help out in any way you can, if you would like to help out why not go to are Join Us page and find out more.



Barrie Williams, Presenter.


Most folks call me 'Mr. Rock & Roll' because of the obsession I have for the music. It all started back in 1955 with Bill Haley, Elvis, Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis. I was hooked from day one, and I still am today.
At 17 years of age I was the front man with a semi professional Rock & Roll band called Deke Wess & The Jaguars. We worked along side a lot of the stars of that era, from Johnny Kidd & The Pirates to Joe Brown & The Bruvvers, and entertainers who were still on their way up, like Les Dawson, Freddie Star and Jimmy Tarbuck.
I'm still involved with Rock & Roll. I present a Rock & Roll show every week, on Chorley Hospital Radio, playing those good old juke box favourites from the 50's.
I don't think that there is a record from that era that I haven't got. I can really roll the clock back and rock on back to the 50's again.





Chris Grindley, Presenter.



Hi everyone. 
I'm Chris Grindley and I am a presenter here on CHR Radio. 
I joined CHR Radio in October 2007  and I started my own Northern Soul and Motown show in 2009. During my show I play soul music both old and new from Duffy and Alicia Keys to classics like The Four Tops and TheTemptations with some Northern Soul floor shakers thrown in. 
As well as playing music I also give a review on recent film releases because I am also a big of a film buff. 
Outside of CHR Radio, I am a recent university graduate having achieved a 2:1 grade in Film and TV Production at Edge Hill University. I also work part-time as a cleaner for Grindley Cleaning Services LTD. 
As well as Northern Soul and Motown, I enjoy various types of music like heavy metal, punk, classic rock, classical, reggae, pop, hymns etc. I also play two instruments; the piano and church organ. 
I started playing the piano when I was 8 years old and when I was 16 I started learning to play the church organ and I now play for the organ for St Oswald's Church in Coppull every Sunday morning. 
My other hobbies and interests include extreme sports [I.e. skydiving, scuba diving, white water rafting, mountain biking etc, cycling, going to the cinema, socialising, athletics and filmmaking. My favourite food is squid and my all time favourite film is It's A Wonderful Life. 
My philosophy is have life and live it to the full. 





 Derek Miller, Ward Walker 



I have been a volunteer since 1998. I work on the wards at present, and until 2011 help to keep the volunteers working together in harmony. 
I do this work because I enjoy helping people and as I want to give back to the hospital that helped to save my life a number of years ago. Being a volunteer is not always easy, but it is very rewarding. 
My dad used to sing a certain song which stays with me,
"If I can help somebody as I pass along then my living will not be in vain."and that is why I am a volunteer.





Eddie King, Presenter.



Eddie has loved music all his life. In the words of the Abba song 'he danced before he could walk'. He began to play the piano aged three and in his early teens he used to thump out Winifred Attwell tunes on the school piano for the benefit of his school chums.
Later motivated by the pirate radio stations in the late sixties he became a mobile disc jockey spending the next seventeen years on the road. Eddie never realized his ambition of becoming a Radio Caroline DJ, then in 1973 he joined Chorley Hospital Radio where he has presented his show ever since. Eddie's taste in music covers the whole spectrum from classical to pop but when pushed for an opinion admits to being a 'soul' lover.





Frank Griffiths, Presenter



Frank's interest in music has been life long. Surprisingly COUNTRY MUSIC is by no means his first choice favourite. To Frank it's like having a large family, you love all your kids equally but there are times when you prefer one to another and each has their turn at being number one.

His interest in COUNTRY MUSIC started seriously in 1958 which was triggered by a Johnny Cash release that summer, "BALLAD OF A TEENAGE QUEEN." From that time Frank was hooked. During the late '50's he played and sang in a local "Skiffle" group (Skiffle was all the rage in those days) called "THE CRESCENTS". When Skiffle had run its course the group disbanded. Frank did a solo act for a short time doing Country Music and the old Skiffle numbers. From the mid '70's to the late '80's he was promoting Country Music around our area of the Northwest and working as a COUNTRY DJ. His main aim during this time was to bring COUNTRY MUSIC to people who normally would never consider going to a country music venue.

Since the late '90's Frank's main contribution has been through RADIO. His first work as a presenter was with CHORLEY FM and  has been with CHORLEY HOSPITAL RADIO since May 2004 presenting "WALL TO WALL COUNTRY" , A "not to miss" programme for anyone who enjoys good music.




Alan Robinson, Station Manager, Presenter & Web Host.



Alan Robinson originally started out in radio helping out at Red Rose Radio (as it was then)  in the 1980's! 

More recently he was involved in local community radio station Chorley FM after joining as a presenter of the stations flagship LGBT show 'Breakout' he then went on to present his own show for 3.5 years. He also spent time as a director of the station dealing with outside broadcasts & being a member of the technical team.

Since joining CHR at the start of 2015 Alan presents  'The decades show' with Terry Diviney he again is also heavily involved in the technical side of things and is looking forward to see the station grow in the coming months. Alan maintains the stations web site so if there are any spelling mistakes BLAME HIM.
Alan isn't really at home unless he is tweeking or adjusting something. He really enjoyed the task of setting up the streaming so you can listen outside of the hospital.
Recently Alan set up a "broadcast from home" link so if for any reason live shows cannot be broadcast from the studio within the hospital, any volunteer with a studio at home can broadcast from their home so we can still produce live programming for all our  patents at Chorley Hospital, and across the web.
Even from home Alan Controls the studio remotely so if for any reason we go off air Alan can "fix" it. LOL.

Outside of CHR Alan lives locally & is a town councillor.  Alan works in a local textile finishing company as a Shift dye technician & supervisor, and a Trustee for Cotton Industry War Memorial Trust.




Jason Conrad, Presenter.



My name is Jason Conrad and I have been involved with radio from late 90's, and was being trained by the late but great CHR presenter Joe Brown, after getting involved with ChorleyFM in 2000, got my taste for radio once again and then after becoming a presenter for Chorley FM returned to CHR at the beginning of 2008, where I have a wide range of music taste  here on Chorley Hospital Radio . I love meeting the patients and love even more entertaining them as a part of CHR chorleys oldest radio station, Chorley Hospital Radio.




Jon Taylor, Presenter & Trustee.


Jon started working at the station in 1989 at the age of 20 and following a break to honour outside work commitments as a resident DJ at a club in Preston, returned to the station in 1996.
In his early years at the station, John recalls taking part in Outside Broadcasts from the Royal Lancashire Show at Astley Park and walking alongside a float, promoting hospital radio at the Leyland Festival

Jon also recalls taking part in a sponsored 24 hour non-stop presenter marathon with each presenter broadcasting for three hours at a time!. The biggest change he has seen at the station was the move from a prefab hut to new purpose built studios in 2001.
As well as presenting a regular request show, John now enjoys responsibility for doing voice-overs and producing jingles for other presenters, something which appeals to his creative side.
John has a passion for 1980's soul music and cites Luther Vandross and George Benson among his favourites although he admits that he enjoys "anything from rock to classical".

In 2003, John was fortunate enough to soak up the atmosphere of the Glastonbury festival and explained that one of the best parts of it was watching Alison Moyet singing live. He said:"It's not just the music; it's the entertainment theatres, people walking on stilts.There is just all sorts going on. You can't have a shower you just have to go to a running tap for a wash. But it's all part of the festival experience".
In his life outside hospital radio, John now works as an ASDA Duty Manager but he has also worked at Butlins holiday camp as a senior supervisor on the leisure department, a job which brought him into contact with stars of stage and screen.





 June Hargreaves, Vice President.



 You can usually find June hanging around some of the wards on Thursday and Tuesday afternoons always looking for a chat. June is a much liked volunteer and if any of us want help, June is always there. 

June became Vice President in 2019; and is loving her new role in helping out with advice.





Laura Balshaw, Chair, Presenter & Public Relations.


My name is Laura Balshaw AKA Queen of the 80's on Chorley Hospital Radio, but I will tell you about that in a minute.  I came to this earth at a time when Glam Rock was taking off, my love of music started when I was very young, you know the saying “she could sing and dance before she could talk” well it started with the Bay City Rollers and Abba and then as I began to appreciate music indepentley I could be found in my friends older sister’s bedroom appreciating the sound of new wave and new romanticism.

So with that in mind that is the music that has stayed with me even till now and what I specialise in on CHR.  One particular group more than others is Duran Duran, which has sent me round the UK and into Europe as well.

My first performance as a DJ was at a youth club disco in the 80’s which saw me spinning the vinyl and even then I knew I had to be involved with music someway, somehow.  That chance did not come till 2001 when I saw an article in the Chorley Guardian about CHR I decided to call up and the rest is history, I joined the team in August 2001 and started my live broadcasts in October 2001, I have never looked back.

During my time at CHR I have been interviewed via telephone by Noddy Holder, appeared as a guest on Century Radio, had Century Radio visit us to celebrate our 40th Birthday.  “I appeared on Radio 2’s Pop Master Quiz with Richard Allinson & got 27 points!”  Done countless outside broadcasts and recorded specialist shows including 80’s shows and the music of James Bond.

I cannot begin to describe how much Hospital Radio has changed my life it’s a privilege and pleasure to be part of such a great team and serving the patients of Chorley Hospital.
I was brought up in Chorley and went to School in Chorley and still live locally, I am happily married to Dean and have two lovely children Ryan & Keely.




Malcolm Johnson, Presenter, Assistant Station Manager & Studio Engineer.

Hi pop pickers

Mr Sunday night 
Big Malc here.

I've been involved with Hospital Radio since 2002. I first joined as the studio engineer but was soon seconded to co-host then host the Sunday night request show. As well as the show itself one of the great privileges I have is going around the wards and collecting requests. 
At my right hand have been, and are some amazing people, Maeva, Laura D have been rocks. Since then some young Uni types have been keeping me in order. 
Janet who used come around the wards with me, and co-hosted the Sunday show.

Janet has since left me awe, to start her own show,  which is a great talk/music show.

A number of people have joind, and some now presenting their own shows and, it's been a real pleasure to work with such wonderful people.

Electronics, Radio and music have always been a big part of my life, I started building radios almost as soon as I could Listen to one, I blew me first mains fuse as a little kid, then blew another and another, although fuse blowing was alongside radio not due to it.


Keep it live and kicking.





Michael Gardener, Presenter.



Mike Farrar, Presenter.



Patricia Berry, Presenter.


Pat Loves talking to patients and collecting requests for Hymns. Whenever she can she will collect 12 requests for Hymns go home and flick through her extensive library of hymns and produce a show. She likes to call this slot "Chorley hospital radio songs of praise" Pat normally includes a bible reading into her show. Pat likes to be known as DJ Berry.



Shaun Blake, Treasurer.



Hi my name is Shaun i've been with hospital radio since 1994, first presenting my own show then co presenting on various evenings, I love most kinds of music but my love is shows and musicals, I have been involed in reviewing musicals in Manchester for Chorley Hospital Radio.
I love to attend Broadway shows both in New York and London, when i have time between my busy job as a successful corporate banker.




 Terry Diviney, Secretary, Presenter & Social Media Publisher.



Terry Diviney co-presents the Decades Show with Alan Robinson.

He joined CHR in January 2015 following a number of years working at the local Community Radio station Chorley FM - initially part of the flagship LGBT community show 'Breakout', later on presenting his own show. For the majority of his time at Chorley FM - Terry sat on the board of directors administering the company membership scheme.
Originally from Blackpool, Terry has lived locally for a number of years and works in the public sector - outside of CHR Terry has had involvement with the successful Leyland Festival Radio, and also is a volunteer at the online community radio station Wigan FM.
At CHR - Terry is also part of the team that manages our social media pages, Terry by his own admission is more of a tweeter but also helps with Facebook!
Terry said 'I'm really pleased to be part of such an excellent team - as someone who has visited loved ones in this hospital, I really appreciate how important hospital radio is for patients - I'm extremely proud to be part of it & look forward to see the station go from strength to strength in the near future.
Richard Mawdsley, Presenter.
First foray into radio but has very much been into rock n’roll. 
The ‘rock’ part has been by means of playing bass guitar in various bands for the last forty years, including the social club scene in the 80’s through to an original Goth band in the nineties! Has recently finished a nine year stint with ‘5thElement’ classic rock band. Now plays percussion with Tarleton Brass Band.
The ‘roll’ is by means of restoring a 100 year old 12 ton steamroller  to full working order from derelict.  Travels under steam on the road to various rallies and events with living van in tow.
Looking forward to being part of the team and hopefully bringing some entertainment to patients & staff




Mel Wolff, Presenter & Ward Walker.


Now semi-retired ( I say that because it sounds a bit more professional)
Mel can't really remember a time when music wasn't a big part of his life being influenced by older siblings, friends and of course the little transistor radio and Radio Luxembourg.
He still listens to a wide range of genre but his passion is blues music and that can be anything from very early recordings by Robert Johnson to Eric Clapton's more recent covers.
He has always been a talker (and I hope a good listener) and a wannabe DJ and being part of CHR has given him the opportunity to talk to the patients and hopefully raise a smile or two and play the music he likes and hope they will to.
Mel is currently in training and will have his own show very soon.
Outside of CHR Mel has a beautiful wife, two children, two grandchildren and a greyhound and play a bit of ukulele (badly)
Mari Buckley, Presenter and Ward Walker.







Hello!  I'm Mari Buckley and I've been a Radio Presenter with Chorley Hospital Radio since September 2019.  I'm originally from Sale and Wilmslow in Cheshire but I've lived up here in Lancashire since 1992.  In fact I came to watch the Preston Guild and never went home!

I currently present The Afternoon Show from 2pm to 4pm every Saturday and I also join Malcolm Johnson for his Bumper Request Show every Sunday at 8pm. 

I've loved music for as long as I can remember and as a teenager I used to love listening to local radio, never dreaming I would get the opportunity to do that myself one day. It gives me great pleasure to be in a position to cheer the patients up by playing the records of their choice.  I enjoy walking around the wards speaking to the patients and staff and I often think it is a welcome relief to talk about something other than medical issues!  Very often the patients change week by week but if a patient is in for a number of weeks we find they can be looking out for us to place their request for that day's show. 

I have my own studio at home and am able to broadcast either from there or from the studio in the Hospital. I like all genres of music but in particular I like 1960s/70s songs and Northern Soul. I don't mind admitting that I also like "cheesy" test card and elevator music and manage to sneak the odd one in here and there in my shows! 

My hobbies include photography and travel. I've won a few photography competitions along the way and I've also been on TV quite a few times. I have to say though that by far the best thing I have done in my life and what I enjoy the most is to join the team at Chorley Hospital Radio. I can highly recommend it!